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Balis Judgment Enforcers is a California based law office that specializes in debt collection and judgment recovery. If you have a debtor that resides or has assets in California, we can help you. We are not a collection agency - we are a law firm that utilizes the full array of legal procedures available to collect your money.




Balis Judgment Enforcers provides professional debt collection services for the California marketplace. As a California Collection provider, we understand the importance of getting your California debt collection matters handled appropriately. We provide California creditors with professional, ethical and expeditious collection of debts owed in the State of California. Click here for a listing of our practice areas.


By utilizing our services, your productivity level will increase because you no longer have to worry about collecting your own California collection accounts and can spend your time doing more productive things. We help retrieve the revenue that you thought was lost.


Unlike most collection agencies, we can litigate your claims in court, which in many cases, will bring about a settlement to your case without continuing the process to obtain a consent, default or summary judgment. We pursue your California collection claim from the collection process through judgment enforcement if


We are aggressive yet professional, as well as, efficient and effective. We abide by the California collection laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our California collection practice is designed to recover your debts as quickly as possible in the utmost professional manner.




When a person takes a dispute to court and wins, he or she is awarded a judgment, usually for money. Unfortunately, nearly 80% of judgments awarded by the courts in our country are never collected.


Each year billions of dollars awarded in court go uncollected because the courts can't force the debtor to pay. Although there are powerful legal tools available to the holder of a judgment that are designed specifically to enforce the payment of the judgment, the reality is most people don't know how or where to begin.


When it comes to collecting debt, time is not on the creditors' side even with a court judgment. Many debtors go into hiding and camouflage their assets and their location. Moreover, the average judgment creditor does not have the time or resources to chase down their debtor. Debtors know this. Balis Judgment Enforcers continuously monitor debtors to locate them and find assets to get your judgment paid.


While your judgment may have been awarded by the courts, enforcement is actually your responsibility. We have the knowledge, resources and tenacity to successfully enforce your judgment


We know that getting a court judgment is only half the battle. In fact, a court case is much like a football game made up of two halves. The goal in a football game is to win and the goal in a court case is to get your money. A strong first half goes to waste without a strong second half. The hard part is collecting your judgment. In criminal law, a judgment is enforced by the government. However, in civil law, enforcement is left to the parties of the lawsuit. The court will issue a judgment but it will not collect the debt for you. Thatís where we come in. Debt recovery is a major problem for businesses and individuals alike. It is a very time consuming process to track down your debtor, find assets and effectuate post-judgment remedies. Time and time again your efforts to enforce a judgment seem futile, which can cause a great deal of frustration. And just like football, collecting on a judgment sometimes requires overtime.


If you have court awarded judgments that you have not been able to collect, or do not want the hassle of collecting, we can enforce them for you. We accept civil, small claims, spousal, family and child support judgments and criminal restitution cases. Click here to view a complete listing of our practice areas.